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The safety of students and staff is a top priority in Lorain City Schools. Our staff works closely with the Safety Services in the City of Lorain to create safety plans that are continuously reviewed and updated. We regularly practice safety drills and conduct safety-related discussions with students in a positive and age-appropriate manner. In addition, all our schools have state-of-the-art safety and security systems in place to protect our students and staff.

The Lorain City Schools believe that open communication is a key element in maintaining safe learning environments. To that end, the district uses a Safety Hotline to allow students, parents, and any other concerned parties to file an anonymous report regarding potential safety issues. Lorain City Schools also uses a parent notification system that can contact families via phone or email to provide regular updates or emergency messages.  

UPDATE JULY 19, 2022 | The Lorain City Schools believe that open communication is key in maintaining safe learning environments. To that end, we wanted to share this important message about school safety.

This pertains to firearms in our schools and on district property.

Lorain City Schools will not allow teachers and staff to carry firearms on district property.

With Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signing Ohio House Bill 99, which establishes policies to allow school districts the option to arm teachers and staff, the Lorain Board of Education passed a resolution on June 27, 2022, in opposition to arming Lorain City School District employees.

Only trained law enforcement officers will be allowed to carry firearms on school property.

Lorain Schools continues to have a very strong relationship with the Lorain Police Department. Our Director of Safety and Security Reuben Figueroa and School Resource Officer Miguel Baez are sworn members of law enforcement. Both have a strong, daily presence in our buildings and work with Lorain Police to keep our students and staff safe.

You can read the district’s full resolution BELOW


Frequently Asked Safety Questions

Q: What are you doing to keep our children safe?

Lorain City Schools Safety & Security works closely with students, staff, families, community members, and local safety personnel to build strong relationships that strengthen our safety network. While we cannot share specific safety protocols and plans (doing so would give the "bad guys" valuable information to take advantage of our systems), we can share the proactive measures we have in place to TitanUp! our district:

  • A.L.I.C.E. Active Shooter Response Training prepares our staff and students to respond with confidence during an active shooter situation

  • Pressure checks are performed routinely to ensure equipment is functioning properly year-round

  • Centralized command coordinates communications and building supports during emergency operations.

  • Community partnerships wrap our students in support, including the addition of a second officer on loan from the Lorain Police Department to support our school district

  • Community meetings increase communication and collaboration around:

    • Transforming our schools into collaborative community centers with highly accessible services to students and families (Health care, Basic needs, Economics, Recreation, and Education)

    • Responding to negative behavior in our schools with a mindset of de-escalation (Debriefing incidents and determining logical consequences)

    • Providing coordinated supports/services for successful re-entry to school when appropriate

  • Hiring a wellness coach to stay connected with students who have been expelled or assigned to online learning, coordinate wraparound services for the student and family, and ensure a warm welcome back to school

  • Keeping our focus on relationship-building to create a network of safety and support district-wide

In addition, when needed, our team has several measures in place to identify, verify the credibility of, and address threats so that we can safely resume classes with peace of mind.

Q: What are lockdowns, and what do the levels mean?
A: A lockdown is a precautionary measure in response to a threat. There are three levels that vary depending on the type of threat indicated.
Level 1 Lockdown indicates a possible threat in the area near the school building. During a Level 1 Lockdown, exterior doors and windows remain locked, and no one can enter or leave the building. Normal school operations are to continue.
Level 2 Lockdown indicates a possible threat inside the school building. During a Level 2 Lockdown, doors and windows are to remain locked, and no one is to enter or leave the building or classrooms. Staff and students are to stay in their designated areas, and hallways should remain clear. Classes may continue as usual in classrooms, but there are no bell changes.
Level 3 Lockdown indicates a possible threat inside the school building. During a Level 3 Lockdown, all doors and windows remain locked, and no one is to enter or leave the building. Interior lights should be turned off. If possible, staff and students should evacuate safely and/or follow A.L.I.C.E. - barricade doors, spread out in the classrooms, and prepare to counter. Staff and students must remain in lockdown until law enforcement releases them. There will be no all clear given over the intercom. You can find more information on how we keep students and staff safe at lorainschools.org/Safe.
Our community is the most vital part of our safety plan. That is why the district uses a safety hotline to allow students, parents, and other concerned parties to file an anonymous report regarding potential safety issues.

You can report something suspicious by texting or calling our anonymous SaferSchools Ohio tip line at 844-SAFEROH or 844-723-3764. The tip line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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